Famous MTV Sandwiches

The Original Pulled Oxtail Sandwich™ ½ and whole

Mouthwatering braised and pulled oxtail meat, resting upon luxurious seasoned slaw. Sandwiched between soft sweet Hawaiian bread. A hand crafted, next level delight!

Half $15

Whole $25

MTV Vegan Wrap

Nutritious hand rolled and pan seared spinach tortilla stuffed with a mix of fluffy quinoa, hearty black beans, fresh pico de gallo, and avocado. Served with MTV house sauce.


Meat & Seafood

Cherry Citrus BBQ wings

3 or 5 whole chicken wings fried naked and crispy, garnished with scintillating spice and herbs. Served with a side of tangy, full bodied cherry citrus BBQ sauce. Hand crafted and chef inspired.

3 for $10

5 for $15

Roasted Strawberry BBQ salmon

Delicious fresh salmon filet, perfectly cooked a la plancha, coated with robust savory sweet roasted strawberry BBQ sauce. Satisfying any pescatarian’s seafood craving.


Mango herb chipotle BBQ shrimp

Tasty pan seared, herb marinated jumbo shrimp, paired with zesty mango chipotle lime BBQ sauce, for a sunny tropical feel.


Veggies & Sides

Magic mango stick

Uniquely peeled whole Miami mango, served on a sturdy handle stick with a side of agave nectar and magic spice blend.


Pink lemon pepper peas

Sautéed green peas infused with a unique tart and zesty pink lemon pepper seasoning blend. Chef’s choice, guaranteed to stimulate your taste buds!


Korean BBQ heirloom carrots

Scrumptious heirloom baby carrots, seasoned and pan seared. Leaving a lingering Korean BBQ twist. Served with a side of sweet chili sauce.


Hickory Peach porter broccolini

Flavorsome green broccolini, seasoned and sautéed in a sensational hickory peach porter blend. Seasonal. Actual product may vary.


Chimimichuri seasoned black beans

Slow simmered tangy and savory, chimichurri seasoned black beans.


Hefty herb potatoes

Heavenly herb crusted and seasoned Yukon Gold potato wedges. Accompanied by MTV special house sauce (includes vegan mayo 339 calories) for your dipping pleasure!


Veggie fried rice

Traditional, yet yummy veggie fried rice, featuring an appetizing balance of peas, and carrots. Served with or without egg.


Steamy quinoa

Fluffy steamed tri colored quinoa, perfectly cooked with a carrot, celery and onion medley. A fun and delectable rice substitute, that adds beautiful nutritional value to any meal.


White rice

Fluffy white long grain rice steamed to perfection.


Quaker grits

Comforting staple cooked to perfection.


Smokey baked macaroni and cheese

Decadent, smoked gouda cheesy baked macaroni. Served with a side of gouda cheese sauce for an indulgent addition to this popular classic.


House Salad

Iceberg lettuce, quinoa, black beans, avocado, cilantro and julienne carrots served with MTV House dressing.


Vegan plate (4 sides excluding mac & cheese)

Indulge in 4 of our tantalizing veggie/vegan options!


MTV BBQ Sauce (2 oz side)

Roasted Strawberry BBQ
Mango Chipotle BBQ
Cherry Citrus BBQ